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Led by TikTok, recommendation media has shifted the social media battleground. 

What you see on social is no longer limited by your network of friends or the influencers you follow. Instead, led by TikTok, the platforms are now trying to surface the most compelling content for you, from anywhere and anyone in the world.

This is giving people access to better content and providing smaller creators more  chance for success.

Butt here is a big downside. It’s exposing people to a lot of awful financial advice.

Client Ask

To coincide with Financial Literacy Month in November, ideate actions that the CSA can take to address this problem.





In their efforts to make TikTok a safer place, the platform has created a variety of tools and features, like disclaimers, on potentially dangerous or influential content.

Let’s play off these native elements, but give them a human face to make people realize the human impact of bad financial advice. 

The Idea

CSA will create Human Disclaimer videos, reminding users to ask questions and do their own research before following any financial advice they encounter on the platform.

Rather than hoping TikTok users will see a small text disclaimer attached to the finance videos they’re watching, let’s take it a step further.

We’ll commission people to perform an unignorable disclaimer nodding to well-known FinTok videos with a very human reminder to check the source, do your own research, and other helpful tips. 





Human Disclaimers






How it Comes to Life Through TikTok:

Videos will periodically appear in your feed (like TikTok Tips) reminding people to scroll carefully and nodding to common FinTok themes, like 25-year-old millionaires, crypto bros, and so on.

UsingTikTok’s native green screen background feature, we’ll have the main subject point to a still photo from a ‘bad FinTok video’ we’ve created ourselves.A fake stitch, where we stitch our human disclaimer video to a ‘bad FinTok video’ we’ve created ourselves.



Creative Director: Shauna Roe
Production Team: Cowboy Bear Ninja
Producer: Tamara Sulliman




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